Symphoni REVIEW

Symphoni REVIEW This Page is an Overview of Full Details About The Symphoni – SYMPHONI might sound advanced but it’s based on incredibly simple concepts that genuinely get results – even if you’ve never made a penny online before. This is simple Within the first FOUR videos (before you finish your morning breakfast!) you can be inside the music-streaming ad setting up your targeting!

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Symphoni review
Symphoni REVIEW


Here’s What’s Included When You Get SYMPHONI Right Now

1)1:1 Feedback & Support : Get 1:1 Support & Feedback By Getting Access to JayKay’s Private Development Group. You Can Get Your Ads Reviewed, and Get 1:1 Feedback…

2)Complete Video Training : Complete A-to-Z Training Showing You How to Create Your Own Audio Ads Without Recording ANY Audio Yourself or Paying to Get it Produced!

3)Templates & Tutorials : Follow the Simple Templates Inside the Program to Both Create Your Ads, Publish Them, and Integrate Your Offers To Hit Your Commissions! Cha-Ching!

Here Some Facts about Symphoni This Fact Can Increase massive Growth in your business…

​TARGETING – With audio ads, you can target people while they’re at the gym, relaxing at home, and more. Unprecedented!
​REACH – With over 123,000,000 ad-supported listeners, your target customer is EVERYWHERE on this platform.
COST Facebook has a minimum ad-spend of $5/day for most ad types. With music-streaming ads, the cost is as little as $2/day for ALL ads.
BRAND – Hearing your own brand played between tracks is a great way to get more exposure!

This SYMPHONI audio ads are the ONLY digital advertising medium which delivers 100% S.O.V. (Share-Of-Voice) – so you only get billed for advertising that has been 100% delivered to your audience!

SYMPHONI It just takes only Four Easy and Simple Steps To Get Start Traffic, Leads, and Sales…

1)TARGET : Symphoni will reveal the correct way to target audiences using a super-sneaky free tool that most marketers don’t even know exists!

2)BUDGET : Decide the budget from your campaign. Advertising to music streamers can start as low as less that $2 per day, and up to $5,000 per day for bigger budgets…

3)CREATE : Use the Symphoni 6-pt framework for creating an incredible audio ad in just 70 words or less. The get a professional voiceover and music track added for free!

4)LAUNCH : In less than 4mins you can add your targeting, budget, and creative into your music streaming back office and start running your campaign. It really is that easy!

brand new training program which will teach you how to use music streaming ads, how to write incredible ad scripts based on years of radio advertising experience, and how you can create your own ads, voiceovers, and music tracks COMPLETELY FREE!

When you create audio ads this way, the results are amazing, and you can start creating highly profitable ads TODAY!

100% Newbie Friendly
Lead Generation? Yes Please!
Monetize this traffic ASAP, or send to an email or messenger landing page.
Fortune 500 Traffic Source
Some of the biggest users of this traffic include Kia, Mazda, Belgian Moon Beer, and other multi-million dollar brands!
Follow along over-the-shoulder and watch everything step-by-step
Multiple Ways to Monetize!
SO easy that literally anyone can learn in minutes!
Completely Original Content
We’ve never seen anybody else talk about THIS traffic source
Step-By-Step Video Training Included
Symphoni includes 3 different ways we’ve monetized this traffic source!
Low Cost, High Quality…
Spend less than $2/day on hundreds of targeted impressions per day

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