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ViidCloud COUPON CODE : Take note that the special offer of ViidCloud COUPON CODE is Available For A Short Time Only and Will expire at any time, There are many advantages of This Program which you can enjoy,  Well, Now come down to the next section of ViidCloud, where i will talk on it’s complete features. About Price and DEVELOPER.


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Fact – Less buffering & wait time helps you drive up your customer satisfaction by 20% with each passing second. While my sales videos, customer training videos, promotional videos remained the same, I simply hosted them on ViidCloud now. We don’t even need to do the math to point out just HOW MUCH SALES YOU ARE LOSING on account of your slow video hosting service.



I’m Mario Brown!During the last 10 years, as a marketing professional, I have repeatedly leveraged the power of videos to personally make & help my clients make enormous amounts of profits!

Some call my expertise in video marketing the key factor in me becoming a force to reckon with in our highly competitive industry!  Our team of experts have tried & tested everything for years to help GUARANTEE you results! So much research & testing costs a lot but we are giving it to you at the LOWEST cost it will ever be at! But, (yes, there is a but) This offer will not last forever! Take this sweet deal before the countdown ends…

ViidCloud – Perfect For…

  • Info-Sellers
  • E-Com Sellers
  • Business Coaches
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Lead Generation Agencies
  • Digital & SAAS Product Sellers
  • Local Business Owner
  • Freelancers
  • Agency Owners

Make Your Audience Stop & Stare In 3 Easy Steps

Upload: Upload unlimited videos at once on your dashboard. Automatic optimization allows for your videos to load faster than ever from any browser or device of your choice.

Customize:  Customize your video player & add built-in marketing tools within your videos. Add clickable affiliate links, forms & buy buttons inside the video to make more profits!

Host:  Publish your HD videos within seconds. You can also embed channels and playlists onto any landing page or website. Witness the unstoppable power of videos on your profits instantly.

Embedding your video has never been easier- Simply COPY & PASTE to publish on any webpage. WordPress Site, Landing Pages, Blogs, Lead Pages, Membership Sites, Shopify Store, Sales Pages, Anywhere else you like…

  1. No Expensive Hosting Services
  2. Without Losing of Visitors Because of Slow Loading
  3. No Worry About Domain Name & Website To Host videos
  4. No Technical & Coding Skills Required
  5. No Time Wastage- Upload & publish your high-selling videos in 3 steps

PUBLISH: Embed & Play HD Videos On Any Site, Webpage or Device of Your Choice, SAVE: Host Your Videos At NO COST with first ever dropbox integration
PROFITS: More Traffic, Higher Engagement, Greater Conversions & EXPONENTIAL Profits, FAST: Video Hosting & Marketing Quick As A Flash
TRAINING: Step-By-Step Tutorial Included To Get You Started Noaw!, GENERATE LEADS: Access High Converting Lead Generation Templates
FULL-CONTROL: No Related Video Linking Resulting In 100% Traffic Retention On Your Webpages & Accounts, PUBLISH: Embed & Play HD Videos On Any Site, Webpage or Device of Your Choice

Video Is The King Of Content : No other form of content works like video does! The shrinking attention span of audiences across the globe only retain information when consumed in the form of videos By 2021, consumer internet video traffic will be 80% of all internet traffic across the world. Which means it better be fast & it better be High Definition”  If videos are all your audience wants, you must serve it to them on a platter. Create & share as many videos to sell, explain or train your customers about your product or service. That’s it… making money online is now difficult, it’s complicated and most people make nothing. Sound familiar? Well – the #1 reason for that is the lack of service worth paying for But wait! What about offering Video Hosting & Marketing services? You think… that would sell? You can bet every penny you’ve got that it will. Video is the HOTTEST content there is… and every business needs it if they want to grow. Help them and get PAID BIG BUCKS… even with ZERO skills and experience in video marketing.

ViidCloud: is a full-blown Video Hosting & Marketing Solution that you can use to help Marketers, Local Businesses & Website Owners get more traffic, engagement & sales from their videos It does so by solving multiple issues Businesses are facing right now with their videos.

ViidCloud Helps You Succeed Easily & More Importantly, NOW! We are rooting for your success with our simple tutorial videos designed exclusively for you and 24×7 customer service!

Limitless Possibilities: Sky’s the limit with ViidCloud. Host & publish unlimited videos to earn exponential profits. Maximise your lead capture from unprecedented traffic on your web page or account.

Insert Powerful Marketing Tools Within Videos To Drive Up Sales: Call your audience to action by using powerful marketing buttons & tools within your video. Keep them posted about your own offers & special promos!

Hot-Selling Templates For Stunning Effects: Our tried & tested templates are created for you to profit! Customize lead generation templates to capture unlimited leads.

Universal Compatibility & Ultra Light: ViidCloud player can be customized to your brand needs. It is optimized to outperform on all devices & browsers.

Only Profits No Buffering. : Every second spent waiting for videos to load & buffer is a second wasted to make profits!

Traffic Leaks No Buyer : We care about your business & so we don’t link your traffic to related (your competitors’) videos! Now your audience stays yours forever!

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