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Retarget Works in FOUR Easy Steps:

1)Login to the software
2)Choose what visitors you want to ‘retarget’
3)Paste in a piece of code
4)Automatically send the hottest audiences to Facebook to advertise to

Automatically our software works behind the scenes completely ‘in silence’.  When you login to the software connect your Facebook account then choose your ‘retargeting list’.   When you add the code we provide you to your website you immediately benefit from our behavioural collection system.

Retarget – INTRO VIDEO

It automatically identifies who your visitor is, how long they stay on your website, whether they scroll or not, their language, device and more…‍ …then it automatically sets ‘trip wires’ so when a prospect’s activity triggers the ‘trip wire’ Facebook is sent their information and the visitor is immediately added to your retargeting list.

Profit Using Retarget by AdSightPro To Help Businesses With A Full Commercial Rights License

Businesses are spending thousands of dollars on retargeting. They are retargeting EVERYONE. Both accidental and uninterested visitors. Businesses are spending tens of thousands of dollars because Facebook doesn’t give them any other option if they want to reach their retargeting audiences.
You can offer a better solution. You can use Retarget by AdSightPro to manage their retargeting campaigns. You can either sell them ‘Trip Wire’ campaigns you create for their business or you can manage their campaigns for them. Get paid thousands per month for management or charge hundreds of dollars for every ‘trip wire’ campaign you sell. This is all possible because with Retarget by AdSightPro you’re getting commercial rights.

1) Easy To Use Intuitive Interface
Connect your campaign to Facebook with 3 easy steps. Within 2 minutes your campaign can be setup and Ready, saving you money and generating a better ROI.
Simply connect to Facebook, Select your ad account & name your ‘tripwire’ audience.

2) Unlock Incredible Behavioral Data On Your Audience
Our in-house system immediately identifies who your visitor is and tracks everything that they do on your website. We can identify key behavioral indicators that help us to build a profile on your visitor. Because we can capture this data so accurately you’re able to pick and choose exactly who you want to retarget.

3) Dig Deeper Into Your Retargeting Audiences
‘Retargeting Layers’ help you to get even more specific with who you retarget. For example you can now target visitors who both stayed on your website for 5 minutes or more who also speak english. Or target visitors who scrolled that visited from a mobile device. The possibilities are endless. Increase your ROI even more with this feature

4) Further Refine Your Campaigns Based On Specific Products & Pages
Target specific products & pages. Choose the exact URL you want to use for your retargeting. Remove anyone from your retargeting list who visited your website but didn’t specifically visit a particular product or page. This is perfect for sales funnels if you want to ‘retarget’ a visitor with a particular upgrade. Alternatively you can use this for an ecommerce website that has lots of products but you only want to advertise one of the products to your visitor.

5) Simply Copy & Paste A Line Of Code To Activate
Copy and then paste this simple line of code into your website. Instantly activate ‘visitor tracking’ on your website and ensure you can specifically ‘retarget’ hot prospects. This code works behind the scenes collecting data about your visitors. Then choose based on your settings which visitors get sent to your retargeting list inside of Facebook and watch as your conversions Sky Rocket

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