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Botengage Future Proofs Your Marketing. Bringing It Kicking And Screaming Into 2020.
Marketers with bigger budgets have been seeing results from these kind of engagement boosting bots for years.
We’re proud to be able to bring this big brand innovation to our market. With a superior quality service. For a fraction of the price.

And It Literally Couldn’t Be Easier To Use…

1) SET – Name Your Bots and Choose Your Avatar
2) PERFECT: Choose Your Background And Customize Your Appearance With Just a Point and Click
3) BUILD: Your Engagement-Boosting Automated Interactions With Drag n’ Drop Ease
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BotEngage – DEMO VIDEO

Botengage Is The Future Of Marketing… And The Future Is Already Here.
Only by using Botengage can you give them that experience. Customers are (rightfully) demanding MORE from their online experiences. Stopping your prospects jumping right into the more engaged arms of your competitors.

Botengage Is Built By Marketers FOR Marketers:
By making sure that your visitors get EXACTLY what they came to your website for, giving them a more personalized experience, you will make more sales.

Retail Changed A Long Time Ago…Now It’s Time For You To Improve YOUR Online Selling Results
A long time ago, customers demanded MORE from their buying experience. The retail industry responded and changed the world of the sales experience forever…

Here’s What We’ve Learnt From Retail And Brought Into The Botengage Experience.

The BETTER Way To Market Online. : In retail they wear Name Badges: By Botengage allowing you to add your name badge on your engagement bots, you are wearing your virtual ‘name badge’ with pride. This encourages trust and rapport from the visitor. And we all know that customers who like and trust a vendor are more likely to buy.

There are people there to Greet You: In fact, a friendly greeting and that personal welcome makes SUCH a difference to the customer experience AND the likelihood of getting a sale, that huge corporations like Disney and Walmart employ people JUST to do this job. So when you add an engagement bot to your page you’re doing the same job as your friendly local greeter, lowering your customer’s defenses, breaking the ice and warming them up for a sale.

When customers Ask Questions, they sell THEMSELVES on what you have to sell. The only thing is, YOU need to be there to answer them. With Botengage. You DON’T have to be there to answer them. Botengage does it all for you. On autopilot. Every time. Personalisation: Your name. When the Starbucks employee calls your name – it’s all designed to make you feel that little bit special. It’s all about giving you that personal experience. Making you feel like a human, not just a commodity or a statistic.

The first thing a good retail assistant asks is “How May I Help You?” We all know that the best way to start a sale is to find out exactly what a potential customer wants. In fact, it has the power to instantly turn a passive ‘visitor’ into an engaged PAYING customer. The minute you pay a passive visitor some personal attention, you’ll find they’re hooked. Treated like a person not a commodity, they will be MUCH more likely to buy. Botengage allows you to ask those all important questions to get your sale every time. Completely on autopilot!

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