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Forrk Professional: With the Professional Version’s Amazing Features, you may 10x your work results. Get Incredible features and unrestricted upgrades that will set your food agency apart from the rest: Create Unlimited Stores & Products, Send Bulk Email Notifications, Create Unlimited QR-Codes & Menus, Get Our Best Templates, Combos & Recommended Products, Plus Far More.


Hello, this is the Forrk team’s Ben Murray and Karthik Ramani... And, because you’re a proactive marketer, we’d like to offer you the opportunity to upgrade your account before you get started.

On the front end, we attempted to cram as many features and value as possible into Forrk, but we had to leave out some licenses and wonderful capabilities in order to keep the program inexpensive and accessible to everyone. If you’re one of those people who want to use Forrk’s capabilities in order to save even more time and maybe 10x your revenues…

Create an infinite number of shops. The number of restaurants and businesses you could construct was limited due to bandwidth constraints. However, you may now create as many businesses and manage as many locations as you need with an unlimited license. Create an infinite number of products Clients with big menus will no longer be lost. With the unlimited license, you may create an endless number of goods and expand your restaurant’s menu to any size you choose.

Unlimited QR-Code Menus & Do-It-Yourself Websites The number of smart menus you could design was limited, much as the number of stores and goods. However, you may now create as many QR-code menus as you like with no restrictions.

Set Product Quotas in the Store Concerned that a consumer will purchase an item that you can’t create or don’t have in stock? Set quota restrictions for each commodity right now. This is a critical update.

Menus should provide recommended and add-on products. With the option to add cross-sales and recommended items, you can help your restaurant agency clients quadruple their earnings, much like Amazon. This is a fantastic approach for selling these smart menus.

Combos are a way to group products together. This is enormous. Smart menus could include meal combinations like “burger with fries and a shake” or “burger with mac & cheese,” exactly like the highest-grossing fast-food establishments. When your clients see you demonstrate this feature, they will fall in love with it and employ you.

Send Notifications in Bulk This is a powerful statement. To encourage consumers to participate in special deals or claim discounts, send bulk alerts to all leads captured by Forrk. As soon as they pay or become a lead, get them to participate in the client’s marketing.

Get 10 More of Our DFY Mobile Website Templates To utilize Forrk with, get our top templates (including themes that aren’t in the restaurant specialty). Plus, because any business can utilize Forrk, sell digital ordering systems to more local business categories than simply restaurants.

Plus, you’ll get extra menu layouts to match with your additional DFY site templates. You can now tailor your smart ordering menus to whatever sort of cuisine or local business the consumer desires.

Integrated Coupon Codes To assist enhance sales and conversions, provide coupons that appear in the client’s smart ordering menu, and give discounts on certain food products.


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