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Video emails make your messages stand out from the inbox crowd. You can send contacts a customized email complete with your brand and personal video, and add video signatures to your Gmail and Outlook for quick implementation.

Warm Welcome VIDEO

HOW IT WORKS   : Be Personal. Everywhere.

Warm Welcome helps you improve your business relationships at any touch point you want. In your personal & marketing emails, on your website, landing pages, private links and even with Digital Business Card!

Grab people’s attention with video business cards and site bubbles, then they can directly reply to start useful conversations Alternative to: BombBomb and VideoAsk

Use personal video emails to answer questions and video email signatures to drive traffic and improve customer relationships, Best for: Marketing agencies and sales teams that want to make deeper connections with customers using the warmth of video

Warm Welcome makes sure you don’t leave people hanging when they hit “reply,” either.

Every message is automatically sorted into threaded conversations for easy tracking, so both of you can see the entire interaction in one place. You can send messages of any type right from the thread, making every interaction smooth as can be.

With Warm Welcome, you’ll never be stuck answering the same three questions about your business over and over again (unless you have kids). Video playlists let you add any number of pre-recorded videos to the end of your personal message to transition into a seamless flow—no editing required.

Use Warm Welcome to show people what you’re really like with video greetings, emails, and business cards to stand out from the crowd.

Time to stop giving potential customers the cold shoulder. Get lifetime access to Warm Welcome today!

1:All features above included 2:Unlimited user(s) 3:Unlimited video bubbles(s) 4;Unlimited video business card(s) 5:Unlimited video signature(s) 6:Unlimited video message(s) 7:Unlimited video page(s) 8:Unlimited custom videos for email per month 9:50 GB storage 10:Branding controls (“white-label”) 11:Integrations 12:Team management

Stand out with video business cards.

Where most business cards end up in the trash or a drawer, your Video Business Card will make a statement and build a relationship. And isn’t that why we hand them out in the first place?  Start a conversation every time.

Personalize every email with video signatures.

Email is one of the most common ways we communicate and yet it has been pretty bland and boring…until now! Add a video email signature that gets your emails the attention they deserve.

Build trusted relationships fast with video email.
Trust is built between people, not text. By looking someone in the eyes, perceiving their tone, expression, body language and so much more. None of this can be communicated over text. Video communicates it all.
Collect video testimonials from customers with video bubbles:
Client testimonials feel great and they are also one of the best ways to grow your business. In just a few minutes Ali was able to add the video bubble to her website and start capturing the wonderful things her clients wanted to share.

Simple & Powerful

Any Device. Anywhere. : Record & send video messages while you enjoy your morning coffee on the go.
Video, Audio & Text : You and your customers can join the conversation any way you like.
Video Playlists : Stop repeating yourself. Attach pre-recorded videos to your personal ones!
Threaded Conversations : When one reply isn’t enough, you can keep the conversation going.
Talking Points : Add notes to your recording screen so you always know what to say in your videos.
Email Templates : Save text and video playlists for common questions, sales pitches, and more!

New Goodies (for good boys and girls)

  • 👩‍💼 Video Business CardsOne of our favorite new features and great for sharing on Linkedin.
  • 🏄 New Widget FlowCreating widgets is really fun and now it’s a nice smooth process.
  • 🎥 Send Videos Everywhere Simply copy/paste your interactive video into any email program, social media site or your very own website.
  • 🏞️ Custom Background Spice up your videos by adding in your own custom background.
  • 👥 Invite Your Team If you’re on our “Growth Plan” you can invite team members to log in and user the same account. This is great for Customer Support teams or adding your Personal Assistant.
  • ❤️Affiliate Program Join our affiliate program and earn up to $148 for every person you refer. Click here to join today!

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