This is many, many, many times BIGGER than digital marketing – which is valued at only in the Billions in comparison…

But I want to draw your attention to Shopify in particular. Shopify Blueprint REVIEW

You might have heard of it, but few people know that Shopify was founded rather early in 2004.

However Shopify grew rapidly in recent years due to its development, ease of use and popularity with E-Commerce Vendors.

As of 2017, Shopify has over 600,000 Store Merchants and collectively generated $55 Billion in total sales!

Way I see it, Shopify is the “WordPress” for E-Commerce vendors – where you can have your own Themes, Apps, and user-friendly customization that makes it a favorite for both beginners and pros alike.

You see where this is going?

I imagine if you sell a Course on Shopify… You’re going to get a lot of Customers (because they’re already looking for it!)

That’s Why We Created This Product…

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