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Leadbuster Coupon Code


Reclaim control over your customers and your profits with the world’s first interactive video marketing platform With an AMAZING interactive, lead capture video, you can bring your lead capture system to life and capture, convert (at a rate of 46 percent or higher!) and remarket to your visitors on autopilot. When your profits are down… and retargeting is no longer an option… who do you call? LeadBuster. When you act now, your commercial rights are protected. With only a one-time payment, you can have Lead Buster! New and Improved Method for Converting, Capturing, and Remarketing to Your Visitors.

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No prior technical knowledge is required: It is ready to use right out of the box, thanks to its push-button simplicity. There is no software to install because it is entirely cloud-based. Accessible from any location. Anytime. a student in the third grade Easy: In just a few clicks, you can create interactive video lead-capture forms that are fascinating, eye-catching, and attention-grabbing. Increase the number of leads you receive. Stick it to iOS with interactive video lead capture that converts like gangbusters and captures and retargets to your clients on autopilot, all while saving you time and money. Take Back Control of Your Customers’ Experience: When combined with Facebook tracking pixels, you’ll never lose another consumer or a transaction again in your life. LeadBusters should be sold like Gangbusters! Commercial Licence IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: Use LeadBuster lead-capture films and lead services for yourself, and then resell them to others for a quick profit. (More than $2.5 million has already been earned by our members.)

Moreover, when they say “the money is in the list,” they are not joking; in reality, leads may be purchased and sold for a low price of $38 per lead for businesses with limited competition (like florists, plumbers, and pet groomers). To $115 per lead in industries with significant levels of competitiveness (like real estate, legal advice, health insurance, etc). Furthermore, prospecting websites might cost as much as $499 per month just to join.

In just a few clicks, you will be able to create visually appealing, high-converting, interactive lead capture movies that will more than double your conversions. Amazing lead capture movies that leap out of the screen and wow your viewers will make them HAPPILY hand over their information, making tedious, failed lead capture a thing of the past with LeadBuster’s gorgeous lead capture videos.

And it’s quick and simple to do. The LeadBuster Creation Studio is simple to use; simply drag and drop, point n’ click, and you’re finished! You’ve completed your task. An unrivaled engagement-attracting, a lead-generating video that can be created faster than you can say ACTION! There are no technical skills or prior expertise necessary.
Make money from sales and RESALES by automatically segmenting your leads and creating smart, targeted marketing for both email and SMS that are both effective and efficient. Giving you back control over your own clients while also enabling efficient remarketing – all while being untouched by the ambitions of either Apple or Facebook…
Make a list while you’re on the go! LeadBuster videos may be created from any location! At home, in the yard, on the beach… wherever you are. As long as you have access to the internet, you should be OK. Create a mailing list, make more sales, and most importantly, make more RESALES – all while enhancing your tan. Take care not to drop your laptop into the water, though!
Because of the revenue-sucking changes to iOS tracking, all marketers want new methods of generating leads and retaining sales and remarketing campaigns. And, thanks to our included UNLIMITED commercial license – whether it’s LeadBuster videos or lead services – YOU will be the one to pocket the money by offering them exactly what they require.
Selling directly to clients as well as on Fiverr, Freelancer, and other platforms will be possible for you. But the greatest part is that thanks to LeadBuster’s first-to-market innovations, you will almost certainly not be charging a ‘fiver’ for them. The same way that our existing VideoRemix users have generated more than $2.5 million in profit before you..
The following are examples of posts that can be utilized on any website/landing page/social media platform. They can also be used to unlock lead magnets and to create high-converting ads. Regardless of the niche.
With our simple-to-use, yet feature-rich editor, you can create an incredible interactive lead-capture video in minutes with only a few clicks and no programming knowledge. You have the option of starting from scratch or from one of a thousand various starting points provided by our revolutionary template generator and high converting templates. This means that you can always create a LeadBuster video that is completely unique and tailored to your specific requirements. Your lead capture has never been more effective than it is now.
You may include ANY kind of media: (Includes a slew of complementary media!) You may use any existing material to bring any LeadBuster lead-capture video to life, and you can do it with ease. Using video clips, video backdrops, photos, logos, and animated gifs, among other things, you can bring your LeadBusters to life and make them more memorable to visitors. And if you don’t have one, you can borrow one from someone else. Because of our combination with PixaBay and Pexels, you’ll never have to spend another dime on pricey royalty-free pictures or video again. They’re all yours to keep. Everything is set up inside your LeadBuster editor. It’s completely free.
Celebrations of Conversion that be both exciting and memorable: Obtaining your prospect’s contact information is a significant accomplishment (one that has been made far simpler thanks to LeadBuster!) that should be appreciated. Create an unforgettable celebration for each and every conversion that will make a lasting impact on the minds of your new leads!
Transitions that are seamless LeadBuster’s professional-grade editor makes it as simple as pie to incorporate smooth transitions into your lead capture – and to keep your prospect’s attention focused on your marketing message throughout the process.
Blends that are just stunning With a full artist’s palette of blending effects at your disposal, you’ll be able to create effects worthy of a BAFTA award in no time. Try out different effects like light, dissolving, multiplying, and other things.
Control the opacity of your movies to create spectacular effects and to make your text, customized components, and animations stand out. Transparent effects may be used to enhance your films in a smooth, seductive, and uber-professional manner with no technical knowledge required.
Animations that draw the viewer’s attention If you want to add blockbuster animations to your LeadBusters, you don’t have to be Disney or Pixar to do it. Smart animated elements that can be added with a simple drag and drop allow you to bring passion, energy, and excitement to your video.
Animate the text in your document Once you’ve selected the appropriate font from your library of more than 50 cinematic fonts (all of which were chosen because they convert EXTREMELY well for lead capture), it’s time to get them moving… with fantastic dynamic text animations.
You’ll find the following animations in your artist’s palette ready to be added to your LeadBusters thanks to the bundled bank of animations that would typically be reserved for Dreamworks artists: Animate Your Images 100+ animated emojis (with an additional 100 static emojis) 50+ Animated Flags to Choose From 50+ Animated Stickers to Choose From All are completely free and ready to breathe new life into your lead capture!

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