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Lead Factory Coupon Code

3 Simple Steps : To Putting Money In Your Bank Account With Lead Factory

Step #1 : Watch our short, step-by-step training videos and follow along as we show you how to quickly and effortlessly set up your own personal Lead Factory and customize our PROVEN client-getting emails.
Step #2 : Fire up your assembly line. We’ll show you how to find thousands of local leads in minutes for FREE. Your factory will be cranking in no time.
Step #3 : Watch as your Lead Factory miraculously turns COLD leads into HOT prospects, ready to buy what you’re selling, sometimes within minutes!

Lead Factory -Intro Video

  1.  No email list needed
  2.  You don’t need a website of your own
  3.  Includes ‘done for you’ emails and landing pages (Everything you need to get a client this week)
  4. No cold calling or door knocking
  5. No prior local marketing or sales experience required
  6. You don’t need to know what services you’ll offer
  7. This works with most local services and we’ll also give you the BEST services to offer with this)
  8.  This system is PROVEN to turn ice cold leads into paying clients
  9.  Battle-tested client-getting system that’s currently being used in our 7 Figure Local Agencies

If You’re Not Where You Want To Be Yet…
The Big Thing Holding You Back From Success Is Not Having A Simple, Proven System For Getting Local Clients On A Consistent Basis… Finding leads is easy…
And we’ll show you how to do that… Fulfilling services is also pretty simple, and if you’re not sure how to do that part or just don’t want to do it, you can always outsource and just keep the profits for yourself…
We can show you that part too… The HARD part is getting clients to give you money. In fact, one of the most common questions we get from people out there revolves around client-getting…

Why Lead Factory Is Different Than Every Other Local Client-Getting System Or Method You’ve Seen Before

Inside, we’ll show you how to automate most of this so you convert cold leads around the clock
This works fast! When you use the Lead Factory client-getting system, you’ll have a paying client THIS WEEK
You don’t need a local website of your own or even a service in mind to sell – When you get Lead Factory today, we’ll give you a special bonus that shows you the Top 4 services we offer with this client-getting system and how to fulfill them

You get more than just training – Lead Factory includes ‘done for you’ emails and landing pages that make it fast and easy to turn cold leads into paying clients
This entire Lead Factory system was created by 7 figure local agency owners that actually get clients and make money DOING this… not just teaching it
This system is responsible for generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales from COLD leads in our own agencies
The Lead Factory system is easy to use so it’s perfect for you if you’re a local newbie or you struggle with the technical stuff

Frequently Asked Questions AboutLead Factory

Q. What is Lead Factory?
A. Everything you need to turn cold leads in to paying clients quickly. How to quickly gather leads for FREE. The exact steps to follow to use our ready-to-go email and landing page to turn those cold leads into paying clients. How to automate most of this so you have leads being cultivated around the cloud. And the simple way to scale this up to 6 or even 7 figures.

Q. Is this complicated?
A. Absolutely not. (I hate complicated stuff) This is the easiest prospecting system on the market. Plus, we walk you through how to do everything step-by-step.

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