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Imagine only having to ask your client for one YouTube video link, creating a customized audio track for them, syncing it thereto exact same video and delivering it back to them – all within a similar platform?  Ending up with a background track that doesn’t match their videos. Each track is 100% unique to you and once synced to a video are often used across ANY platform like social media, TV, your website and more. Infinitunes COMMERCIAL

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The genre, activity & mood to perfectly-match your video How long the track should last (30 seconds, 1 minute or maybe 3 minutes)! THE PERFECT audio-track for everything, Effortlessly create perfectly-matched audio tracks for Video ads, Video Sales Letters (VSLs), Walkthroughs, Tutorials, and Videos for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more… , software or tool on the market that comes close – at any price!

Infinitunes is ideal for creating product review & promo videos to presell affiliate products and make easy commissions! It just takes a couple of minutes to make a high-quality track and PERFECTLY-MATCH it to a video using INFINITUNES. we’ll continue updating and improving the software behind the scenes – with ZERO downtime! INFINITUNES is meant for you, me and anyone else who is sick and uninterested in complicated licensing guidelines and rules… whenever an audio track is required for a video.

INFINTUNES’s all new ‘INSTANT’ technology delivers EXTRAORDINARY quality, so you’ll command top dollar for your services! Set a start time, loop your audio, adjust volume for both Infinitunes audio AND your video audio before downloading. What’s more, it’s a fraction of the worth you’d need to pay per licensed track or one track created by knowledgeable . Simply select the sort of audio you would like to make , customize as per your preferences, and click on to ‘Add to Video’. Getting a quality audio track synced to a video has never been easier Before. I won’t need to spend hours trying to seek out the right background music track for my video, I can simply set my personalisation settings and click on play – no more pay-per-track! And in fact not having to stress about any licensing issues is PRICELESS. .. leading to their message getting lost and diligence on the video getting to waste.Just point-n-select your musical genre , activity and mood to perfectly-match your video. S

elect your track duration and click on play. Infinitunes instantly creates a 100% unique, copyright-free audio track supported your selections. whenever you click ‘Play’ a replacement track are going to be instantly available for preview, and you’ll save the one you wish . With features like volume control for both video and music audio, start time, looping audio and more. Either paste in ANY YouTube URL (yours, or a clients) or upload a video from your computer. We’ll import it into the video editor for you. Every track comes with unlimited rights when combined with a video inside Infinitunes, which suggests it’s 100% unique to you and may be used ANYWHERE. We’re talking social media, television, your website or anywhere else. Never worry about copyright issues EVER AGAIN.

A fresh premium track, on every click. Every single track is exclusive , composed instantly by request, and may be set to last 30 seconds, 1 minute or maybe 3 minutes! With just a click you’ll now create professional audio tracks for your videos that sound like they were created inside a Hollywood studio, but you never need to pay anything. employing a fresh, new approach to audio that guarantees that i will be able to never need to affect the hassles of a take-down message from YouTube or a claim from someone claiming I used their music.” do not forget , once you own Infinitunes, each track you create costs you ZERO dollars.

Meaning you earn and keep 100% of the profits. in only 3 clicks, this breakthrough WORLD FIRST software produces premium-sounding audio tracks that sound as if they were created by highly-talented and top-rated composers. i do know we are transitioning from regular software products to AI-powered applications, which is great for our industry. However, I never imagined that at this point and age, we might have one that makes 100% unique premium-sounding music tracks. Wow!

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