Effortless Google News Formula Review BY Luther Landro

Effortless Google News Formula, Effortless Google News Formula Review

Revealed: 3-Step Method Guarantees First Page Ranking In Minutes Using A Little-Known Google News Loophole:

Renegade SEO Consultants And Affiliate Marketers Have
Been Using Free Software To Exploit This Google News
Loophole For Years Sending Floods Of
Traffic To Their Sites on Demand…

…Now Anyone Can Use This Same Traffic Strategy To
Collect Affiliate Commissions, Sell products, Build Email Lists,
And Get Paid Outrageous Fees From Local Biz Owner’s
Who Want To Be On Google’s First Page.  Effortless Google News Formula Review


Want a fast and easy way to generate traffic to your website or blog?

Need to get an article on the first page of Google for a consulting client?

Then you need to read every word on this page because I am going to reveal a little known Google News loophole that can leapfrog your site to the top of Google in minutes, and send a flood of traffic to any page you want on demand.

Like it or not, getting your content ranked in Google is becoming increasingly difficult. Old-school SEO tactics like link building, article marketing, and private blog networks no longer work and run the risk of getting your site penalized by Google.

FACT: Most websites have seen their traffic get cut in half as a result of Google’s constant updates like Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird.

FACT: Google has been including fewer videos in their search results, slowly making video SEO obsolete. Mozcast has shown a 28% drop in video results in just the last few months:

FACT: Local SEO took a BIG HIT when Google changed their search results to only include 3 local listings instead of 7:


This change has left thousands of businesses unable to generate local traffic from Google’s results.

The good news is that there is still a way to boost your site above normal search results and generate the traffic you need IF you can follow a simple set of Guidelines that Google has laid out for it’s ‘preferred sites‘. SEO pros in the know have been using a simple, but effective traffic strategy to drive customers to their client’s websites, build email lists to promote affiliate products, and quietly earn small fortunes practically in their spare time. Effortless Google News Formula Review

The Source Of This Easy Traffic: Google News.

Websites that are approved to publish their content in Google News receive favorable treatment. Their content is ranked above normal results, and are made to stand out so they get more clicks (including a picture in the search results).

This works for every piece of content posted to Google News.

New content ranks in Google in minutes, and is even syndicated across mobile devices in Google’s News apps.

SEO Myth Busted: Google News is NOT restricted to big news sites.

The truth is ANYONE can submit their site and become approved for Google News, IF they follow Google’s guidelines.

In fact Google specifically mentions blogs and satire sites as among the sites it will allow to post news articles:

Effortless Google News Formula, Effortless Google News Formula Review

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