XPS light for its older saw models, This is no longer available from the company

This 12-inch Double-Bevel Compound Miter Saw has a 15-amp motor that spins at 3,800 rpm to provide lasting strength and sturdiness over an extended period of time. With the incorporated CUTLINE function (LED painting light gadget), you may get an accurate and visible cut line indicator that is easy to modify to your liking. This saw is equipped with a chrome steel miter detent plate with 14 high-quality stops, as well as a cam miter lock device, which provides consistent precision and sturdiness while allowing for simple modifications. Sliding fences with a height of 6-1/2 inches help 6-1/2 inches of base molding vertically nested and 6-5-7/8 inches of crown molding vertically nested. High-performance dirt ducts are designed with the factor of reduction in mind in order to maximize collection. The portability of the product is ensured by its lightweight design and integrated carry handle.

First and foremost, as soon as you remove the item from the container, you have an immediate sensation of high quality. The notice had been properly wrapped, almost to the point of being defective. I believe that if they had tossed this thing off the back of the UPS truck without slowing down, it would have been alright. The normal appearance and conclusion of the notice are excellent. The machined aluminum mattress is bright, simple, and easy to use, and the attitude dial is large and easy to see at the bottom of the mattress. It has full-size heft that instills self-assurance while not causing your back to become a thorn in the flesh. If you’re making end paintings, you’ll need a lot of paint. I would recommend lowering through a few inventories to remove the most amount of yellow from the blade in order to smear it onto your preliminary cuts. This will just be a small inconvenience because it will be appropriately scraped off. While I had the impression that the XPS device was a ridiculous gimmick (at the time of purchase, the XPS was less expensive than the standard model), I was pleasantly surprised.


The DEWALT DWS779 sliding compound miter is a precision tool at its most difficult, rotating with pinpoint accuracy and having the capability for everyday job-site use. This miter saw is equipped with a powerful 15-amp, 3800-rpm engine that provides long-lasting strength and endurance over the course of its life. Tall sliding fences can support 7-1/2-inch crown nested and as much as 214 dimensional lumbers at 90 degrees and 210 at 45 degrees, respectively. It is possible to achieve short and accurate miter angles by using a cam lock miter with detent override. You have the option of connecting the LED light to this device.

I understand that my solution appears to be a little rudimentary; but, I’ve been working with mitre saws for decades, and the best guidance device I’ve discovered to work with is my/your eyes. Whether you use lasers or not, you’ll still want to use your eyes to make sure the painting piece is as close to the cutoff point as you possibly can. I hope this has been of assistance! There is no longer a listing for this particular model (DWS779) on DeWalt’s internet site, most likely due to the fact that this saw is the best DWS780 corded sliding compound mitre saw available without the DWS780’s beautiful XPS manual light. Right now, on Amazon (as of January 2017) and elsewhere (including the Home Depot website), the DWS779 is selling for $200 less than the DWS780–significant financial savings if you can live without the light. DeWalt used to sell an accent XPS light for its older saw models, however, this is no longer available from the company. Despite the fact that the accent lighting fixtures may still be found on eBay, the electric coupler for the accent lighting is no longer included in any new miter saws.