This one has been in my possession for two years and still makes great drinks

Ninja CP301 VS CP307 There is a way to heat hot water. Coffee doesn’t make hot water. If there is no coffee in your filter, you will get hot water. It didn’t say anything about hot water in the instructions. I called customer service because I didn’t see it in the instructions. The following information may be of help to you. I hope you find it. The Ninja Hot & Cold Brewed SystemTM has different blooming times depending on the type of brew you choose. At this point, coffee or tea leaves can soak up the water. There is a lot of technology that can help you make the best cup of coffee or tea. Is the bottom of the brew basket full? If so, it could cause the water to overflow and spill out. I’d clean it thoroughly, make sure it wasn’t too full of grinds, and use bigger grinds in the brew basket. Every time I brew, my basket stays shut. If this keeps going on, I’m going to call Ninja.

If this one breaks down, I’m going to buy a second one to keep in case I need it. This one has been in my possession for two years and still makes great drinks. This machine is great. I only drink coffee, so I make one cup a day. It costs a lot less than the Keurig did, and the coffee tastes great. When I have overnight guests, I can also make a whole pot. In a pitcher, I use the tea basket and put it over ice every other day to make iced tea. The tea was very good. Brew over ice for about 10 to 15 minutes at a lower temperature for a smooth, sweet taste. There are five types of brews: Traditional, rich, over-ice, cold brew, or special strength are of types coffee you can choose from. There are six different sizes of brews: In your coffee machine, you can make anything from a single cup to a full carafe. 10 cups of coffee (50 fluid ounces) When you use a thermal carafe, coffee and tea can stay hot for up to two hours.

From one cup to a full carafe, you can make different sizes of coffee. Plugged products are meant to be used in the United States. To use this device at your destination, you may need to buy an adapter or converter. Outlets and voltages vary from country to country. Please make sure the item you want to buy is compatible before you buy it. Auto IQ is a one-touch system that learns. There are two ways of making hot drinks: you can brew over ice to make full-flavored, refreshing drinks, or you can brew over hot water to make strong hot coffee or tea.