If you have Comcast Xfinity, you can save money by switching…

A future-proofed design is the MB8600 model. Since it offers Ethernet port bonding for very high speeds or rates more than 1Gbps, it needs to be coupled with a router that likewise supports this feature. In the near future, certain service tiers or routers will be available. Any router will do for the time being. Your choice will be how much wireless technology you use. In this case, an AC1900 wireless router would be the one to blame. The AC1900 wireless router from Motorola is the MR1900.

A modem’s four ports demand a justification for its existence. The MB8600 does not support routing, which is an important point to keep in mind. The MB8600 is only a modem. A router can be connected to any of the MB8600’s GigE ports. A gigabit per second connection between the router and modem will be possible with Comcast’s new DOCSIS 3.1 service. In the future, Comcast and other cable companies are expected to offer services that are at least 1 Gbps. The MB8600’s additional ports will be needed when such faster services are available. Connecting ports 1 and 2 together can provide up to 2 Gbps of bandwidth. In addition, the MB8600’s remaining two ports can be used for further port bonding at speeds in excess of 2 Gbps. The router connected to the MB8600 must execute port bonding in order to make use of the MB8600’s port bonding when Comcast’s service rates surpass 1 Gbps.

Today’s consumer routers don’t allow port bonding. A number of business routers feature port bonding. For families and small businesses, routers with port bonding capabilities will be available in the near future, allowing them to take advantage of future service speeds of more than 1Gbps. To put it simply, the MB8600’s four ports are there to let the MB8600 to provide service speeds greater than 1 Gbps WHEN THEY ARE OPEN. This is a fantastic design. A modem that claims to provide speeds in excess of 1Gbps but does not have many ports that can be bonded should be carefully considered before purchase. There is no way to get more than 1 Gbps out of the modem unless you have a mechanism for doing so. A router with bonded GigE ports might expect speeds of up to 1 Gbps from the MB8600. Other modems aren’t as well-built.

If your internet service provider has enabled it, a 2.5 GB Ethernet connection gives you access to even the fastest routers and PCs, allowing you to download files at speeds of up to 2,500 Mbps and upload files at speeds of 800 Mbps. Online gaming, video conferencing, and rapid streaming — Active Queue Management reduces Internet latency and enhances app performance in these areas, among others (AQM). For the typical household, having their own modem saves $168 in rental fees annually, which is an enormous saving. If you have Comcast Xfinity, you can save money by switching to another provider. (Savings vary per service provider.)


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