Garrett will give you with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on your equipment if you call and register it within 30 days of purchasing the equipment. Allow for a decent length of time between the moment you purchase the vehicle and the time you register it. My prediction is that you will have no problems in the first two years, let alone the first ten years of your career. They are, in fact, correct. The AT pro uses a different type of headphone connection than the other models in the line. Among the products offered by Garrett is a conversion jack, which compresses the AT pro jack to the size of a standard phone connection. Headphones with a volume control, on the other hand, are provided. However, I don’t believe they are waterproof at all. Splash proof and weather resistant, the Garrett Ace Apex is a great choice. It is not recommended to immerse the control head in water.
Without a doubt, without a doubt, 100 %. There have only been two further AT versions launched, and the AT pro remains the best-in-class in terms of both quality and performance, as far as I’m aware. For the AT Pro, I set money away and sold other detectors in order to get it, and I have not been disappointed. It’s completely worth your time and effort. IRON VOLUME allows the user to reduce the volume of iron targets while keeping the volume of non-ferrous targets at the same level as it was previously. Experiential treasure seekers frequently like to hear all of their targets, but they will enjoy the ability to reduce the loudness of unwanted stuff.
Apex has more customization options than any other detector in its pricing range, thanks to its eight Iron Volume adjustments. Multi-Flex technology, which is powered by a cutting-edge, high-bandwidth digital platform, simply provides you with more adaptability than you’ll find on any other detector in its price category, bar none! Opt for one of Apex’s strong single frequencies to improve detection on specific targets*, or for one of the simultaneous multifrequency modes to obtain great detection on all targets in all soils, such as sand.
CONTROLS THAT ARE INTUITIONAL AND EFFICIENT Direct drive buttons for the controls that are utilised the most frequently. Adjustments for other controls may be made quickly and easily via a menu. SIX DETECTION MODES IN ADDITION TO A PINPOINT Zero, coins, US coins (with coin images), jewellery, relics, and customs are some of the topics covered. GROUND BALANCE WITH HIGH-RESOLUTION Ground balancing resolution of 175 points (as in the Garrett AT Max), ranging from ferrous ground to saltwater (as in the Garrett AT Max). LARGE TARGET IDENTIFICATION NUMBERS BATTERY THAT CAN BE RECHARGED Rechargeable lithium ion battery included within the device offers usage for up to roughly 15 hours, depending on the settings. The charging cable is a micro-USB type A.

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