I use the XL to print my gospel newsletters, which I deliver

I use the XL to print my gospel newsletters, which I deliver to the church once a month. I print 120 letters at a time, with each copy being three and a half pages long. One 63xl. hP cartridge would print 420 standard pages, for a total of 420 pages produced. There is enough ink remaining for around 15-20 more pages of printing to 2x more prints with Original HP Ink vs. non-Original HP Ink. I recently purchased a new HP copier, which I want to use to duplicate my coloring books so that I may continue coloring my favorite designs. I’ve been impersonating animals such as dogs, cats, and peacocks. In any event, it’s a fantastic printer, but because it’s my first printer, I wanted to make certain it functioned correctly. After copying 30 pages from the volumes, I saw that the check ink was flashing. I did that, then shook and tapped it a few times before putting it back in. I’ve duplicated three more pages so far, but I’m not sure how many more it will print in total. I hope this has been of some help. Oh, yes, they’re around $15 each. HP ink cartridges are made from recycled plastic in 82 percent of cases.
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What’s included in the box: 1 new HP 63XL Black High-yield Ink Cartridge (F6U64AN)
SELECT AN INK REPLACEMENT SERVICE – Allow your printer to track your consumption and have ink sent to you before you run out. Reorder HP Genuine ink cartridges just when you need them with Amazon Dash Replenishment, or pay for pages printed with HP Instant Ink and save up to 50%. You should be cautious when dealing with dealers because it is possible to acquire a refilled cartridge. I just learned that ordering from Staples resulted in ink arriving in three days. I needed ink very away, and it took Amazon 13 days to bring it to me, and the package was entirely ruined (today). I’ll be back for a refund. Instead of taking any chances, I’ll order all of my cartridges from Staples in the future. Although this is the first time I’ve had this problem with damage (I’ve purchased from this vendor eight times), it is always an incredibly delayed delivery time with honest merchants. Furthermore, I require the ink to be delivered on schedule. With 63, you’ll get roughly 300 pages.