Husqvarna 965877502 350BT Comparison Post

The 150BT has a tube diameter that is smaller than others, which enables it to travel at higher speeds. CFM, which stands for cubic feet per minute, is a measurement of volume rather than speed and the 350BT has a higher CFM than the other model. In comparison to the 150BT, the 350BT is capable of moving a greater volume of air, which enables it to more easily blow enormous piles of leaves. Because it moves air at a faster rate, a 150BT, on the other hand, could make it easier to blow out minor fractures. It is entirely dependent on your intended use of the item.
I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues with the new blower you bought. It’s upsetting to hear that you’re having problems with our best-selling model, especially considering how popular it is. The Husqvarna 150BT backpack blower has a vibration dampening system that is meant to reduce the amount of vibration felt by the user. In addition to this, check that every strap that is attached to your body is snug and secure. There is a possibility that the idle speed of the carburetor has to be altered. Before making any adjustments, check that the air filter has been recently cleaned and that the cover has been properly installed. During production, the idle speed is calibrated to 2200 revolutions per minute.
It’s unclear to me what you mean when you say “gentle grasp.” My handgun features the standard grip, which includes a protruding section that houses the on/off switch as well as the power trigger. Additionally, it is possible to make changes to it. You may adjust the handle whatever you like by using the built-in screw that is located on the side of the item. I really hope that you find this material to be helpful. In addition to a Husqvarna, I also have an Echo. A warranty for the first year is included with each one. Both do their respective functions in a same manner, and I am satisfied with both. Several pulls are required to get my Echo, which is somewhere between three and four years old. It was recently delivered to Husqvarna, and all it takes to get it going is a few good pulls.
CRUISE CONTROL One option for making the vehicle easier to handle is installing a variable speed throttle that also has a cruise control feature.
The operator’s cushioned harness and hipbelt are custom-fitted to conform to his or her body shapes as part of the ergonomic harness system. The offset handle allows for full blow force with minimal strain on the arm, and it is simple to modify the level of blow force. preventing the arm from being pulled down and out of position Dampeners placed in the space between the engine and the chassis are responsible for the vehicle’s low-vib rating. The idle speed is 2200 revolutions per minute. Cruise control: A variable speed throttle that is equipped with cruise control may be tuned to improve the vehicle’s handling. STOP SWITCH FOR AUTO RETURN: For convenience’s sake, the stop switch is instantly reset to the ON position when the auto return function is completed. HIGH AIR VELOCITY AND VOLUME: With 434 CFM Air Volume and 251 MPH Air Velocity, this vacuum has a powerful performance when it comes to cleaning.

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