Heat Resistant Plastic Wheels with Never-Flat Polyurethane Tires

6.6 gallons of fuel can be stored in the Westinghouse WGEN9500DF fuel tank, however 8 gallons of fuel may be stored in the Duromax tank.
Because of the capacity to run on either propane or gasoline, dual fuel technology provides greater freedom and flexibility in fuel selection. It safeguards your investment by automatically turning down the generator when it detects that the oil level is getting low. There is plenty of power: with 12,000 beginning watts and 9,500 operating watts, this unit has the ability to handle a wide range of heavy loads, from lights and refrigerators to a home air conditioner and high-amperage power equipment.
Built on a heavy-duty Westinghouse 4-Stroke OHV engine that has an extra-long-lasting cast iron sleeve, automatic low oil shut-down, and digital hour metre, this machine will get the job done. The VFT display provides you with real-time updates on the voltage output, frequency, and lifetime hours, all in real time. Plug-and-Play: Includes a Propane Regulator, Remote Start Key Fob, 12V Battery Charger, Oil, an Oil Funnel, a Tool Kit, Heat Resistant Plastic Wheels with Never-Flat Polyurethane Tires, and a User’s Manual to get you up and running right away (Minimal Assembly Required)
To get twice as much energy from a BBQ tank of propane as you would from 8 gallons of gasoline is simply not conceivable. The BTU content of 8 gallons of gasoline is around 920,000. A 20 lb bottle contains 430,960 BTUs if it contains the full 20 lb of weight that it claims to contain. Furthermore, in the United States, federal law prohibits filling more than 80% of the container. As a result, there is no way to get twice as much use out of a BBQ tank as there is out of a gasoline tank.
Just so you know, if you wish to change something to the device that isn’t specifically stated in the handbook, such as “converting it from LP Gas to Natural Gas,” you will need to contact the manufacturer directly with your inquiry. The general population is not a reliable source of information about something that is specifically intended and stated to work with gasoline or propane alone, so don’t ask them. No offence intended, but it is a VERY good way to be killed or ruin the unit, so I would recommend getting your information directly from the manufacturer if you plan on attempting to change the way the machine is designed to work.
The answer is: To everyone who believes Toddd made the wrong decision by hiring a certified electrician, I am convinced that you are mistaken. What, exactly, do you consider to be a “manual transfer switch,” in your opinion? It’s nothing more than a breaker or switch that needs to be manually activated. Because the electrician constructed it in accordance with code, there is not a concern. I believe the description specifies that the outlet is a 50 Amp RV outlet, which is in response to your question. Here we’re talking about the outlet just next to the transfer switch. The transfer switch is a twist lock, but the RV outlet is not; nonetheless, if you look at the photo, it is the one with four holes on the back. It also has a voltage of 120/240 volts.