Graco 17G177 Magnum ProX17 Stand Paint Sprayer comparison Post

Although it performed wonderfully for painting extremely tough stucco, I would recommend employing a slightly smaller nozzle for the job. My opinion is that the 515 tip that is included with it squirts out an excessive amount of paint. After purchasing a number of other tips of varying sizes, I found that the 311 generated a spray that was fine enough that it allowed me to spray in a number of different directions and angles without the risk of the paint running. The end result was very good coverage, even in the nooks and crevices that were created by hand-texturing the stucco. As a sprayer, the device’s capabilities and ease of operation exceeded my expectations, and I am very pleased with my purchase. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to clean up after the party. Regarding the purchase, I do not harbor any regrets.
Since I started using acetone, I haven’t run into any difficulties. Since MEK is an extremely abrasive cleaning solvent, it is not recommended to run it through this machine.
I used regular exterior paint, and while it was painted on without any problems at first, pausing produced troubles in the painting process. I even tried positioning the hose-mounted cannon into a bucket with a capacity of 5 gallons, but to no avail; it remained clogged. I spent far more time working on the pistol than I did on the painting. Due to the fact that the job had deteriorated to such a state, I was forced to purchase a new pistol. I attempted to dilute the paint, but it did not turn out well.
I was hoping to save some money by purchasing this one, but the price of the second gun ended up being more. I invested a lot of time into figuring out how to make the gun work. I would never consider buying another one of these firearms. Because it didn’t get plugged up as long as I kept painting, I couldn’t fathom why taking a short pause from painting would cause such a significant issue.
Because the annual use that is advised is up to 300 gallons, you will be able to spray more projects each year. The PowerFlush Adapter may be fitted to a regular garden hose, which makes it much easier and faster to clean up after messes. Sprayers from the Graco Pro Series will fundamentally alter the manner in which you carry out your work. The ProX17 will be a useful tool for technicians working in property maintenance, remodeling, and general contracting. You can keep spraying even after the old pump wears out if you have the ProXChange Pump Replacement System since it allows you to switch out the pump whenever you want without the need for any specialized equipment. SG3 Metal Spray Gun with Built-in Swivel, Quick Start-Up Guide, Operation Manual, PowerFlush Adapter, 50-foot Duraflex Paint Hose, Pump Armor Storage Fluid
CONVENIENT FOR MULTI-STORY HOUSES: This feature enables you to spray second and third-story homes with a paint hose that can support up to 100 feet of length. Spray directly from a paint bucket with a flexible suction line. Paint can be sprayed directly from a bucket that holds 1 or 5 gallons of paint with a flexible suction line. Modifications that can be made on the fly to give your deck a new look A new coat of finish on your deck can completely transform the appearance of your home from the outside in. In addition, using a Graco sprayer is less complicated and more efficient.
Using a piston pump made of stainless steel makes it feasible to spray paint at high pressure without first thinning it. Give dated cabinets a facelift to make them look new. The look of your kitchen or bathroom can be dramatically altered simply by painting or staining the cabinets there. Utilizing a Magnum paint sprayer is the most efficient method for producing a beautiful finish in the shortest amount of time.

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