Discover all of the extraordinary things you can create with each and every Vitamix blender

It has three application settings (for Smoothies, Hot Soups, and Frozen Desserts) that automatically regulate the box length you’ve selected, method your recipes, and shut down your blender when the job is finished. Do you want to combine items without using an application? Our user-friendly controls make it simple, and an integrated virtual timer makes it easier to achieve your ideal combination every time. Configuration of the program With the touch of a button, you can create smoothies (plus extras). You may walk away from your favorite blends since our application settings enable walk-away convenience and consistent results.
Put on the logo that is most trusted by professional chefs to demonstrate your commitment to quality. However, we are not only found in the kitchens of establishments that provide food. You’ll also find us in a variety of residential kitchens around the world. Because whether you are interested in the culinary arts, making healthier choices, or participating in eating out-great smoothies at home while you are equipped to transport on and pass up, whilst you are equipped to spend money on your passion, you are equipped for Vitamix. Why? Built to last: A good deal blender is no longer a good deal if it cannot be relied upon to last for an extended period of time. We understand that purchasing a Vitamix Blender is a significant financial commitment. Nonetheless, because Vitamix blenders are built to last, they can be relied on to be trustworthy rather than merely throwaway.
HP: 2.2 hp at its peak You’re in command of the situation: Your recipes can be fine-tuned manually using the Variable Speed Control and Pulse Characteristic features. Timer with the ability to be programmed: It is possible to avoid over-or under-processing your unique recipes with the help of an inbuilt timer. Set the timer to the length of time specified in your combination, and the system will be turned off on a regular basis. What is contained within the Box: motor base, low-profile sixty-four-ounce box, low-profile conventional tamper, and the Simply Blending Cookbook are all included in the package.
Discover all of the extraordinary things you can create with each and every Vitamix blender. We’re much more than just smoothie makers, though. We’re a group of visionaries and doers on a mission to inject nutritious, delectable meals into our daily lives. From supper to snack time, experiment with fresh ingredients and old recipes to ensure that you never get tired of them. Technology that detects itself This blender is extremely intelligent! The motor base recognizes your box length on a regular basis and automatically adjusts software settings as well as the majority of combination times.
Power We do not intend to have the most powerful engines available. Instead of larger horses, you want horses with more experience. The focused electricity of our entire mixing machine causes each component of the Vitamix system to work together, resulting in faster, smoother, and more flavorful blends. Although spending $600 on a blender seems excessive, I would make the same purchase again. The A3500 is built like a tank, it’s beautiful to look at, and it’s far quieter than the earlier Vitamix versions that my friends use. Even though I’ve just had the car for a month, I have zero issues. Baby Food You have complete control over what your kid consumes. Using your Vitamix system, you can prepare, combine, and prepare batches of nutritious self-prepared child meals in seconds.
The versatility of Vitamix smoothies allows you to create a delicious, even blend in each drink whether you choose an iced combo or an exceptionally clean puree, veggies that are packed with nutrients or a light and refreshing fruity treat. We are not concerned with having the most horsepower possible. You don’t want more horses; you want horses that are well-educated. The concentrated energy of our whole mixing device causes every part of the Vitamix machine to work together, resulting in faster, smoother, and more flavorful blends than previously possible. Making smoothies and juices, warming soups, flours and dough, nut butter, frozen desserts, batters, dressings and sauces, non-dairy milk, and more are all possible with this instrument.